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Have you ever wondered how well you're climbing, how much better you're getting after all these sessions you're putting in at the local climbing wall? Is all that effort you've put in at the gym actually paying off in terms of achieving the 7a route you've been wanting to crack? Are you training towards a competition? Or would you just like some objective feedback that your climbing is improving?

That's the main goal of this application. While you're at the climbing wall, you can take note of the climbs that you achieve each session. We'll use a patented super-secret formula to give your session an overall score, based on the number of climbs, the height of each climb and the grading of the route. And you can watch that score improve over time, as your climbing gets better!

Sounds pretty interesting, right? Well that's about as far as I've got so far! I've got a basic data model mapped out, and I've got a wee database of my own climbing sessions to start playing with. The next step is to knock up a wee application that will allow me to easily record sessions.

Actually, that's not the really interesting idea. The big 'un is about using indoor location technology and telemetry data from your phone/watch to automatically assess your climbing performance and provide training feedback. But that's a much bigger project, and I need some major help with it! (If you're up for getting involved in that, drop me an email to!)

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Spread the Word

It would really help me out if you could spread the word about this wee project. The more people I know are interested, the more motivated I'll be to get on with it. Plus, if I can demonstrate that there's a good sized audience, I might be able to persuade some rich, philanthropic rock climbing enthusiast to fund the big project, eh?

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